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$75,000+ In Prizes  |  June 12th  |  9am EST

Introducing The Next Evolution Of Click Tracking Software... 3.0

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Here's Why You Should
Promote This Launch... is an essential service for anyone who does any type of marketing or advertising online, so your earnings potential as an affiliate is absolutely awesome! Everyone needs a account and since we help businesses, organizations and individuals make more money from their marketing and increase profits, it's an extremely easy sell.

As an affiliate, you get 50% monthly recurring commissions on all front end sales and upsells, so you can earn over $200 per month, per referral. Over the lifetime of the customer, we're talking insane 4-figure commissions on average!!!

IMPORTANT: This is a 2-part launch. We have the Pre-Launch starting on Monday June 3rd and the Main Launch starting on Wednesday June 12th. It's essential that you promote both the launch and the pre-launch because you have the chance to earn huge commissions ($498.50 per sale) from the advance live webinar we're running during the pre-launch!

Why Promote The Pre-Launch...


There’s an extra $5,000 in CASH Prizes up for grabs for just the Pre-Launch. It's EASY Money, so it's worth pushing this hard!


By promoting the pre-launch and our LIVE Webinar, you can Earn $498.50 in Commissions per sale, before we even launch.


Your subscribers will LOVE you. They not only get an 80 page ebook, written by Justin Michie, but they get an exclusive FREE Live Training Webinar with Anthony Morrison.


We'll Retarget your leads on Facebook for both the Live Webinar and Launch, boosting your Sales & Commissions :)


All Pre-Launch sales count toward the main Launch Contest Cash and Prizes. Plus, we have an EXTRA Special Bonus for anyone who comes in the top 5 overall :)

Important Launch Dates:

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Launch Starts
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Quick Facts


$75,000+ In
Cash & Prizes



50% Recurring



Earn Up To
$1,600+ / Sale


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We Are Going Live In...

Your Customers Will LOVE! is the 'secret weapon' used by many of the world's top online marketers, email marketers, affiliates, solo ad sellers, media buyers, bloggers, small business owners and online entrepreneurs who want to increase their profits by 5x or more, so your customers will love us!

You simply share with your visitors, subscribers, customers and fans and help them make more money online while you earn some easy commissions. It’s the ultimate win/win proposition.

  • has over 50 amazing features designed to help you convert more clicks into customers.
  • You can do all kinds of cool things like add a popup to collect opt-ins on top of any webpage or track your email opens.
  • And of course it can track clicks, conversions and sales throughout your entire sales funnel and much, much more.

3 Things You Should Know...


You Get 50% Recurring Lifetime Commissions: We split sales with you 50/50, so you'll earn 50% commissions on all sales and upsells, for as long as the customer remains a customer.


Make Multiple Sales Per Customer: We have a killer sales funnel with multiple add-ons and upgrades and you get 50% commissions on all of it, throughout our entire sales funnel, for the life of the customer.


Our Customers Are Sticky: Once you start using, it's hard to stop! On average, a monthly user sticks with us for 7-12 months, so commissions really pile up. Many customers have been with us since the beginning (over 5 years).

See Some Of's Features...

Advanced Link Rotation

We have by far the most advanced link rotation system on the planet. This is perfect for solo ad sellers or buyers.

You can slice and dice your clicks however you want... based on their location, the device they're using, time of day or virtually anything else.

Marketing Popups

Our marketing popups are a genius invention... and let you add a popup to virtually any webpage.

You can use them to collect opt-ins or add count down timers to any offer. Set retargeting pixels or exit redirects or anything else you want.

Split Testing & Conversion Tracking

We can not only track conversions and split test offers, but can calculate every stat imaginable from your ROI to EPC to CPC.

We make split testing drag-and-drop easy and using our intelligent split testing feature, you can test your offers hands free, automatically.

Uptime Monitoring

What happens if you're promoting an offer and just emailed your list or started a huge promotion and it goes down? That's why you need real time link uptime monitoring. can alert you by email or SMS text message (or both) if a link you're promoting goes down or stops working.

Traffic Targeting

To get the most out of your clicks, you need to send them to the places that will convert the best. You need to have 100% click control!

Using you can-geo target your clicks, or send mobile clicks to different offers or rotate them however you want. You can even send people to a different landing page or offer each time they click.

Real Time Stats

We track and display everything in real time, as it happens, so you can see what's working... and what's not.

Track all of your clicks, conversions and stats and get instant access to everything with no delays.

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The Sales Funnel

(All Monthly Recurring)


$49 - $299

Upsell #1


Custom IP

With this upgrade, your subscribers get a squeaky clean custom IP address to use for all their tracking links.

When using this with a custom domain (free with all accounts), it has shown to increase email deliverability by 30%+.

Upsell #2



We've spent a pile of $$$ buying premium domains our members can use to track links, make them look pretty and increase clicks.

And these all come with their own IP addresses to further enhance email deliverability.

Upsell #3


Link Uptime

If your links ever go down or stop working, you could lose some serious cash. That's why we offer link uptime monitoring by email and SMS.

We offer 2 options:

  • Link check every 5 mins - $20/month

  • Link check every 30 mins - $10/month

Over $75,000 In Cash & Prizes

Pre-Launch Contest

(June 3rd to June 10th)

Main Launch Contest

(June 12th to June 18th)


$750 CASH


$500 CASH


$400 CASH


$300 CASH


$200 CASH


$100 CASH


$50 CASH


(First Sale)


(First to 50 Sales)


(First to 100 Sales)


(First to 200 Sales)


(First to 300 Sales)


(First to 500 Sales)

This is a solo contest, so no teams will be allowed.

Private 2 Day VIP Mastermind

Check this out! If you come in the top 5 in our main launch contest (all pre-launch sales count), you'll get to come to a VIP 2 Day Mastermind with us in Madison, Mississippi and get full use of Anthony Morrison's personal video studio. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity... and is not available in stores.

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*Official Rules

Please always adhere to these FTC guidelines when promoting our products and services.

In addition, you must not use the following promotional methods if approved for this affiliate program. Doing so may result in you being terminated from the affiliate program and forfeiting any outstanding commissions.

Contest Terms

These terms may change at any time without notice. Please check back here regularly.